[30 May] Phil Cafe: Dr Amy Nethery, ‘Immigration Detention, Punishment, the Constitution, and a Bill of Rights’

May Philosophy Café
Dr Amy Nethery presents ‘Immigration Detention, Punishment, the Constitution, and a Bill of Rights’
Wednesday 30 May from 7-9pm at The Barking Dog hotel

Immigration detention is a form of administrative detention. The constitution allows the executive to detain non-citizens for administrative purposes, but it places one limit on this detention: it must not be punitive. Yet many former detainees argue that their experience of detention was in fact punitive. A number of cases have been brought before the High Court, challenging the constitutionality of immigration detention on these grounds. To date, these challenges have been unsuccessful. That immigration detention is not punitive has become a legal fiction at the foundation of bipartisan detention policies. This talk will examine the legal fiction that immigration detention is not punitive, and the many detainees' claims to the contrary. Why should we care about the subjective experiences of detainees? Should we dismiss their experiences, as the High Court has done, or can we use them to further our understanding of immigration detention? And what does all this have to do with a Bill of Rights?

Amy Nethery is an Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation. As well as her work on immigration detention, she conducts research into Australian asylum and migration policies, asylum seeker pathways in the Asia-Pacific region, and histories and theories of incarceration. In essence, Amy is interested in what restricting migration and asylum means for Australia as a liberal democracy.

Philosophy Café is held from 7-9pm on the last Wednesday of each month, February to November, in the ‘Kennel’ at The Barking Dog hotel, 126 Pakington st, Geelong West.

Entry is free and includes a glass of wine and nibbles.

Philosophy Café at The Barking Dog hotel is hosted by Paideia Australia. For more information on Paideia events visit paideiaaustralia.org.au.

The Deakin Philosophical Society is funded by Deakin University Student Association (DUSA).

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