The Trick in the Book: Fiction, Philosophy and Representation

This Wednesday, 30th September the Deakin Philosophical Society will meet in ib3.307 from 5-6pm, where Mitch Cunningham will present "The Trick in the Book: Fiction, Philosophy and Representation".

Here's Mitch's blurb:

"What truth can we, the philosophically inclined, divine from the process of reading fiction? What exactly occurs in the conception, expression and comprehension of the literary text? What are the relationships between the fictional worlds of literature and the world in which we find ourselves?

"This multi-disciplinary (*cough* scattershot?) piece will explore the intersections of fiction and philosophy, with guest appearances from Plato, Nietzsche, Camus, Hegel and Derrida. Drawing on two helpful readings, "The Fall: Fictocritical Writing" (Stephen Muecke 2002) and "Critiquing Desire: Philosophy, Writing and Terror" (Russel Ford 2004), I will examine the means by which 'realities' are constituted, and 'Reality' augmented, by the exercise of the expressive form.

"Hopefully we can all agree to disagree, loudly."

Note that the DPS meeting will finish early this week as Philosophy Café starts at the Barking Dog at 7pm. For details, see below.

September @ Philosophy Café

Renate Howe,
Author of A Century of Influence presents:
"What's God got to do with it? religion in Australian education and politics"

Wednesday, 30th September from 7-9pm @ The Barking Dog,
126 Pakington st, Geelong West.


Dylan Nickelson.
President, Deakin Philosophical Society.

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