Literature and Comedy, Round 2

Literature and Comedy, Round 2
Dr Geoff Boucher on Literature and Comedy:
In Defence of Northrop Frye
Wednesday, May 19
4-5.30pm in ib3.307 on the Waurn Ponds Campus

This Wednesday (May 19) the Deakin Philosophical Society will go a second round on the topic of literature and comedy. Dr Geoff Boucher will defend Northrop Frye's thesis that comedy, as a literary genre, is defined by reintegration more than humour. We'll explore this thesis through an excerpt from AC Hamilton's (1991) Northrop Frye: Anatomy of his criticism (1.5MB).

If you are on campus, hard copies are available at my office (ic1.211), which is in the dungeon of the Arts and Education building.

In other news, The MSCP has released its Winter School program:

The MSCP 2010 Philosophy Winter School
5-23 July
University of Melbourne

Week One (5-9 July)

Andrea León: Lévinas and Derrida: another time at the anarche of subjectivity (11am-1pm)
Mark Hewson: Maurice Blanchot: literature and the ambiguity of the negative (2-4pm)

Week Two (12-16 July)

James Garrett: Heidegger's Aristotle (11am-1pm)
Martin Black: History of Philosophy II: Plato (2-4pm)

Week Three (19-23 July)

Jon Roffe: Spinoza's Ethics (11am-1pm)
Dan O'Meara and Cameron Shingleton: Max Weber - Social Philosopher (2-4pm)

Each course consists of 5 x 2-hour seminars.
Fees begin at $80
Enrol now at

The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy is an independent teaching and research organisation made up of academics and graduates who share the goal of providing philosophy wherever it is needed. The MSCP runs 1-day free workshops in autumn and spring, and teaches a variety of courses at its annual summer and winter schools, and throughout the year in evening classes. Join the MSCP mailing list online to receive updates on mscp and associated philosophical activities. The MSCP is housed by the philosophy department at the University of Melbourne.


Dylan Nickelson,
President, Deakin Philosophical Society.

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