[Wed 21 Mar] DPS meeting: Is there any sound reason to oppose gay marriage?

Deakin Philosophical Society meeting
Is there any sound reason to oppose gay marriage?
Wednesday 21 March from 5-6.30pm in ib3.307 on the Waurn Ponds campus

By popular demand, and due to the recent uproar surrounding the Katter’s Australian Party ad against Liberal National Party of Queensland leader Campbell Newman, this week the DPS will ask the question ‘Is there any sound reason to oppose gay marriage?’

To many, the answer may be an obvious ‘No’. Some may think the DPS shallow, idiotic and/or uncultured for even asking the question. But we’re a philosophical society, not a Ministry of Orthodoxy. As such, we have license to — nay, want to — ask these tough questions. More importantly, we want to consider the tough answers.

Chances are that the obvious ‘No’ answer will be the right one. But we don’t know that it’s the right answer until we consider the arguments. That’s why this week we turn to Michael Levin’s whopping 32 page article ‘Why homosexuality is abnormal’.

Levin’s article was published in The Monist (1984, vol. 67, no. 2), a prestigious philosophical journal that’s been around for over one hundred years. Here’s the abstract:

This paper defends the view that homosexuality is abnormal and hence undesirable—not because it is immoral or sinful, or because it weakens society or hampers evolutionary development, but for a purely mechanical reason. It is a misuse of bodily parts. Clear empirical sense attaches to the idea of the use of such bodily parts as genitals, the idea that they are for something, and consequently to the idea of their misuse. I argue on grounds involving natural selection that misuse of bodily parts can with high probability be connected to unhappiness. I regard these matters as prolegomena to such policy issues as the rights of homosexuals, the rights of those desiring not to associate with homosexuals, and legislation concerning homosexuality, issues which I shall not discuss systematically here. However, I do in the last section draw a seemingly evident corollary from my view that homosexuality is abnormal and likely to lead to unhappiness.

The article is available through Deakin library, here.

Read it, or don’t. See you there, or not.

Kind regards,

Dylan Nickelson,
Treasurer, Deakin Philosophical Society.

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