DPS Meeting: Montaigne’s ‘Of Drunkenness’ and ‘Of Experience’. 25 Mar. #Philosophy #Montaigne

Deakin Philosophical Society meeting
Montaigne’s ‘Of Drunkenness’ and ‘Of Experience’
Monday 25 March from 4-5.30pm near ic1.108 on the Waurn Ponds campus

From 4-5.30pm on Monday 25 March, in preparation for Dr Matthew Sharpe’s Philosophy Café presentation on Wednesday 27 March (see below), the Deakin Philosophical Society will meet to discuss two essays by Montaigne: ‘Of Drunkenness’ and ‘Of Experience’.

Our new meeting room, ic1.108, is pre-booked until 4.30pm, so we’ll meet out the front of the room at 4pm and begin the meeting in the open area with couches just near ic1.108, moving to the room once the other meeting has finished.

You can access ‘Of Drunkenness’ and ‘Of Experience’ online (Follow the links).

If pressed for time, read ‘Of Drunkenness’. We’ll discuss that first and only move on to ‘Of Experience’ if time permits.

Hope to see you there,

Dylan Nickelson,
Treasurer, Deakin Philosophical Society

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