DPS first meeting for the second trimester

The first meeting of the Deakin Philosophical Society for the second trimester will take place this Wednesday 14 July from 5-6.30pm in ic1.108.

We've had to move for the first week back due to an AV upgrade in ib3.307. ic1.108 is on the first floor of the Arts and Education building, almost directly opposite Geoff Boucher's office. Approaching the Arts building from the lake, enter the double doors and make a hard right hand turn. You'll find ic1.108 half way down the hall on the left.

At this first meeting we'll discuss potential topics for the trimester and take suggestions on ways to improve the Deakin Philosophical Society. Three weeks have already been set aside for bioethics and three weeks for the topic ‘violence and justice’. That leaves us with half of the trimester to fill.

If you have any suggestions for the second semester, feel free to raise them at the meeting or forward them on to Dylan Nickelson (President) via reply email, Mitch Cunningham (Secretary) or Daniel Connell (treasurer).

Here are some guidelines for suggestions, taken from the DPS mission statement:

The Deakin Philosophical Society is a society for philosophical discussion based at Deakin University’s Waurn Ponds campus, Australia. The society meets every Wednesday of the university year (except exam periods) for an exchange of truth, wisdom and red wine. Any undergraduates, postgraduates, faculty members, staff or interested persons (or non-persons) are welcome.

The society seeks to bring together students, staff and members of the community to foster philosophical dialogue and provide a place where people can engage philosophically and, hopefully, develop as philosophers. To achieve this aim the society provides fora for philosophical discourse on campus and throughout the community via weekly meetings, monthly philosophy cafés and other events.

We also have some special presentations lined up for this trimester. More details to come.


Dylan Nickelson,
President, Deakin Philosophical Society.

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