DPS event: Are boys’ brains different from girls’ brains?

DPS Meeting
Are boys' brains different from girls' brains?
Wednesday 30 November from 5-6pm in ib3.307 on the Waurn Ponds campus

This week the DPS will discuss William Saletan's brief and deliberately inconclusive Slate article, ‘Sex on the Brain: Are boys' brains different from girls' brains? Scientists debate the question’.

The article flags 10 common problems facing scientific research into sex and how that research is used. Read it if you want to know what they are.

We don't have to discuss the content of the article. We can go ‘meta’ on this one, if you want, and discuss the false framing of the question or its inherent idiocy.

Just a reminder, also, for anybody who wishes to suggest a topic for DPS discussion. Feel free to suggest anything you like, but be prepared to come up with some way to frame the debate and be prepared to give a five minute introduction on the topic (I've got better things to do than come up with intros to topics that other people want to discuss). Finding a short reading, audio recording or video is a nice and easy way to frame/introduce the topic. The content of the reading, audio or video doesn't matter, so long as it provides a basis for discussion. Hell, you could submit two question marks on a piece of paper and we'd find something about it worth discussing.

The meeting will finish at 6pm this week to give people time to get to Philosophy Café.

Kind regards,

Dylan Nickelson,
Treasurer, Deakin Philosophical Society.

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