@Deakin University 2013 Philosophy Seminar Series begins Tue 19 Mar

Deakin University Philosophy Seminar Series 2013

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is again hosting a philosophy seminar series in 2013.

The 2013 series kicks off on Tuesday 19 March with a presentation by Prof. Janna Thompson (La Trobe) on the question, ‘Can Groups Have Human Rights?’

Some groups have legal rights. But can any group have a human right? Can any group possess (for example) a right to self-determination that is equivalent in meaning and force to an individual’s right to life and liberty? I present a basic objection to the idea that groups can have such rights and show how this objection can be answered.

Janna Thompson is Professor of Philosophy at La Trobe University. Her main area of research is in ethics and political philosophy. She has written books and articles on global justice, historical responsibility and intergenerational justice. Two of her recent monographs are: Intergenerational Justice: Rights and Responsibilities in an Intergenerational Polity (Routledge, 2008) and Taking Responsibility for the Past: Reparation and Historical Injustice (Polity, 2002).

The first seminar will be in room B2.20, Burwood campus, from 4.00-5.30pm. Seminars are also linked to Geelong (kc1.011) and Warrnambool (D.2.30).

The series is hosted by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University, with the generous support of the Centre for Citizenship and Globalization and the Alfred Deakin Research Institute’s ‘Social Theory and Social Change Research Group’.

You can keep up to date with coming seminars on the Philevents website.

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