CP Snow, ‘Two Cultures and The Scientific Revolution’


DPS meeting
CP Snow, Two Cultures and The Scientific Revolution
Wednesday 8 December from 5-6.30pm in ib3.307 on Deakin's Waurn Ponds campus

This Wednesday 8 December from 5-6.30pm in room ib3.307 on Deakin's Waurn Ponds campus the Deakin Philosophical Society will meet to discuss CP Snow's 1959 Rede Lecture Two Cultures and The Scientific Revolution. The lecture draws attention to the lack of communication and understanding between the two academic cultures: the humanities and the natural sciences. Snow argues that it's necessary to bridge this gap if we hope to deal with some of the pressing political problems of the twentieth (and now the twenty-first) century — especially poverty. As Snow puts it,

Closing the gap between [the two cultures] is a necessity in the most abstract intellectual sense, as well as in the most practical. When those two senses have grown apart, then no society is going to be able to think with wisdom. For the sake of the intellectual life, ... for the sake of the western society living precariously rich among the poor, for the sake of the poor who needn't be poor if there is intelligence in the world, it is obligatory for ... the whole West to look at our education with fresh eyes.

You can access the lecture online via the Deakin Philosophical Society website as a low-quality PDF at http://deakinphilosophicalsociety.com/texts/snow/twocultures.pdf [3MB], or as a higher quality image file at http://deakinphilosophicalsociety.com/texts/snow/twocultures.zip [2MB]. The latter is a zipped file that you'll need to download to your computer, extract and then open in Windows Photo Viewer or some such software. The lecture is 28 double pages in total.

Kind regards,

Dylan Nickelson,
President, Deakin Philosophical Society.

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