Colloquium. In conversation with Jim Hopkins: Psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and psychoanalytic method. Sat 25 Feb.

You are welcome to attend this free event hosted by Deakin University's Alfred Deakin Research Institute and Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation.

Saturday 25 February 2012
9.30am ā€“ 5.00pm

Australian Institute of International Affairs
124 Jolimont Rd, East Melbourne 3002


9.30am — 10.45am
Jason Freddi
The question of origins: between Freud and Darwin

11.00am — 12.45pm
Jim Hopkins
On psychoanalysis and neuroscience

2.00pm — 3.15pm
Talia Morag
On the myth of wish-fulfilment

3.30pm — 4.45pm
Russell Grigg
How biological are the drives, really?

Entry is free.

Jim Hopkins has published widely on psychoanalysis in philosophical and other leading journals. He is Visiting Professor at University College London, and Reader (Emeritus) in Philosophy at King’s College London. He is an editor of Mind. His current research interests include issues in psychoanalysis such as the death drive, Freud and Darwin, representation, and problems of consciousness.

Jim Hopkins’ visit to Australia is sponsored by the Alfred Deakin Research Institute and the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University.

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