[26 Sep] Phil Cafe: ‘Are we racist or are we gullible?’ by Prof Linda Briskman

Coming Philosophy Café
Professor Linda Briskman presents ‘Are we racist or are we gullible?’
Wednesday 26 September from 7-9pm at The Barking Dog hotel

On Wednesday 26 September Professor Linda Briskman will talk at Philosophy Café on the question ‘Are we racist or are we gullible?’ A period of questions and discussion will follow the presentation.

Here’s a brief introduction to Prof Briskman and her presentation:

The treatment of asylum seekers in Australia breaches international norms and standards of decency. Inhumane treatment in detention facilities, the incarceration of children and offshore processing have been accepted by many people in the Australian community. How has this acceptance taken hold? The presentation discusses two possible explanations. The first that Australia is a racist nation and the treatment of asylum seekers follows a trajectory of exclusion that took hold from the time of colonisation. The second is that we are merely gullible and accept the arguments of government and some sections of the media.

Linda Briskman is Professor of Human Rights at Swinburne University’s Institute for Social Research. For more than a decade she has advocated for the rights of asylum seekers in Australia including through research, publications, media engagement and visits to immigration detention centres. She convened the People’s Inquiry into Detention from 2005-2008 and is c-author of the award-winning Human Rights Overboard: Seeking asylum in Australia.

Philosophy Café takes place from 7-9pm on the last Wednesday of each month, February to November, in the ‘Kennel’ at The Barking Dog hotel, 126 Pakington st, Geelong West.

Entry is free and includes a glass of wine and nibbles.

Philosophy Café is hosted by Paideia Australia. For more information on Paideia events visit paideiaaustralia.org.au.

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